Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Nibbles of my nuggets

Four becomes three becomes two becomes one, and that's the new math, blobby. I fear change as do all good Americans, yet change is good and makes you grow and forces issues and tells the time before Jerry steals the clock again. Jerry is a post-modern man, and he knows what time it is, weaving and unwrapping and truly feeling that ten under two is a most happy circumstance. Four was easy, three was awful due to backstabs, two hasn't been officially announced yet but I think most folks see the timepiece on the wall. One will remain for chopkeeping and bloated metallic sensabilities, and mensabilities as well. As wells go, wells far go.
I think it was Jeffrey who once said to me, "You should just go off and waste some of these blankheads before they up and waste you.", although I think what he actually said was, "You want any of these fries? They're from last week." I ate of the fries, yes, verily I ate them, and then I talked to the little green Irish man that lives behind my bookcase, and he told me I should just go ahead and waste some of these frankheads before they go and waste the fries. Always take advice from little green men, they know the true meaning of time.
Time is a creation of man. Man is a creation of nature. There is no god.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought you promised that you were going to make less sense from now on.

September 10, 2004 at 6:44 PM  
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