Thursday, July 29, 2004

Four bands too many

I'm in four bands.
Four bands.
None of them are "mine".
Three of them are bass guitar gigs.
Four of them let me play guitar on at least one song.
None of them are full time.
Three of them are on some kind of hiatus for the summer.
None of them are signed to a label, national, regional, or otherwise.
Three of them do at least one song that I've written.
Two of them have self-released CDs out.
One of them has actually sold more than 10 CDs.
Two of them have the same drummer.
One of them is strictly instrumental.
Two of them let me sing lead on at least one song.
Three of them have decent and regular rehearsal spots.
Two of them have members that are over fifty years old.
Three of them have members who I think drink too much.
One of them has a name that I think is too long.
Four of them have members that I love.
Four of them have at least one member that I think is insane.
Three of them do at least one cover of someone else's song.
Add all that up and I get 114.
That's just not enough.


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