Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Leslie Uggums No More

Wheezie. Weezee. Weezy. Weasey. No matter how many times you spell it, it still comes up dead. Dead. DEAD! It is a smaller yet more roomy world with the recent loss of wide actress Isabel Sanfordandson, the inventor of Hot Tar for roofs. Weasels weep wet welts of tears, while women worry why we wear woven woolens weekdays. I don't care about such cars, so I walk to worm.
Noon time I like to have a grilled cheese and cola so I always go to a place that prepares and sells these items, which I eat and pay for, I'm no slouch! I like 'em toasty and crispy and melty and warmy and butterifickly bound, with no pickle thank you, unless you'd like the pickle in which case I'll have the pickle on the side please so I don't get any pickle juice on my plate, which the grilled cheese soaks up and then a good fifth of your sandwich is soggy and cool with the undistinguished flavor of pickle juice on it. Yuck, and ew. I like fries or chips too, and some ketchup.
So I want a grilled cheese sandwich now, and I have plain old white bread and some white American cheese and some butterific (it's like butter, but better) and a perfect pan and even some Pepsi to wash it down, so I'm gonna make some grilled cheese sandwiches now. Want one?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grilled cheese. Yum. I like mine cheesy.

August 26, 2004 at 7:36 PM  

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