Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Come to me now

Another gravity fight and I ain't got no francos. I got some something cause I just hot weighed. How now I dish there on someone's walk through. I'm in another gray. Then I learned about the freezer fish and how they just make things colder, and I learned some more about the creeks that stay otter and the mice that run nine hills and the boosts of pure gravity. How now I yearn to learn the fix of the seven gerties, the undercreep rickles of norgen splunge toof. Yow winkles, mind elegrant kratz, ties under williegrant and hollowpoint, with gravity rollars and rellers and rollers of true blue glue. Manny sat under the crabapple tree and wrote us a song about weasels and dimples and one two three and we clapped when it was finally over.


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