Thursday, September 16, 2004

Gene Pritney

It isn't very pretty, what a town without larvae can do. No, it isn't very pretty, what a towel with alpaca can doodle. No, sir, it just isn't very petty, what a town without kitty kat do. No, ma'am, I tells ya, it ain't really attractive, you know, what a pity-lacking metropolis can accomplish. No, it isn't very easy, what a gown without Betty can do.
And you can rest your head on the mantle, you can roll your own by the door, and you can friccazee with Fiona, 'cause she's the pretty girl what's been doin' all the work.
It is not good looking what a city with low esteem and sorrow issues can can can do do. Can do. No, Can do. Cando cando cando. Blocked my memory trout with some J-42 Unabomber style, boy. I can see and read the numbers on the back of your skull.


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